Lifelong Education Bio

Asya M Pereltsvaig received a BA in English and History from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 1996 and a PhD in Linguistics from McGill University in 2002. She taught linguistics at Yale, Cornell, and Stanford, as well as at several other universities in the U.S. and abroad. Since 2010, Asya has been teaching in lifelong education programs. In 2016, Asya took her teaching online via Zoom. Her expertise is in language and history, and the relationship between them. Her 6th and most recent book, Languages of the World: An Introduction, 4th edition, is scheduled to be published by Cambridge University Press in 2024. Asya is a popular instructor for several OLLI programs around the country and was the faculty host for the OLLI trip to the Baltic countries and St. Petersburg in July 2017.