2017 Baltics & Russia Trip

Here you’ll find the PDFs of my photo report about the Baltics & Russia trip in the summer 2017, with Santa Clara OLLI Travel Program. Click on the link to open or download the PDFs.

  1. Lithuania: Vilnius, Trakai, Šiauliai —  1_The Baltic Trip, Summer 2017_Lithuania
  2. Latvia: Rundale Palace, Riga, Baltic Sea beach — 2_The Baltic Trip, Summer 2017_Latvia
  3. Estonia: Tallinn, Rocca-al-Mare ethnographic museum — 3_The Baltic Trip, Summer 2017_Estonia
  4. Russia:

Many thanks to Santa Clara University OLLI for making this trip happen!

A 10-minute video about the St. Petersburg portion of our trip, artfully created by Dorothea and Wes French: VIDEO